Adam Kovic responds to "Clickbait" accusation in YT comments

The counter argument here is "we don't need new people" but I find that to be short sighted.

No Adam the counterargument is that there are different video series aimed at newer and older viewers, or there should be.

When I started watching AH in early 2013, my hook was Rage Quit, which is made to grab new viewers - each video is short, the humor is self-contained to one video, and it's funny within the first 30 seconds. The next series I gradually started watching was Minecraft (which was still only a 30-minute format around the time I started watching AH).

Compare that to something like The Patch. It's an hour of slow-paced discussion with few jokes. You can't jazz that up with a clickbait title or thumbnail. It's inherently not a good video type to grab new viewers and subscribers.

If AH/RT is having problems growing the audience the solution is to balance out their longer-form work with short, catchy videos.

Look at your own success Adam. Why is that that so many long-time AH viewers who knew nothing about IG had no problem hopping on board with your shows? Because you edit your videos to be short, instantly funny, self-contained, in short, "grabby" to the viewer.

AH/RT's problem, imo, is that they haven't exercised control over their video formats. In particular:

  • Let's Plays have gotten longer and longer, Minecraft is now consistently an hour - it's not the number that's scaring new people away!

  • Series that were originally conceived as short, grabby vehicles (like GO, HUNT, and VS) are now either boring or overlong.

  • Rage Quit moved to biweekly and Play Pals (originally a similar length) is now also trending to 15-20 minute format.

  • Shorts are now rare, Quickbits was discontinued, etc.

Thumbnails and video titles are just a band-aid on the fact that AH/RT doesn't produce enough genuinely funny 5-minute long videos.

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