Adam Ruins Everything Corrects ITSELF!

I had a gf once who took this to the extreme. Essentially, her whole life strategy was centered around deflecting any and all criticism, no matter how small. She claimed that even polite constructive criticism was "still criticism", and therefore insulting and offensive. She got fired from or quit every job she ever had, most often because she started openly badmouthing her boss. Usually her conflicts with her bosses started because she was completely unwilling to accept any form of criticism. Not even a slight critique or a helpful pointer on how she might do her job better. She'd come home and start grousing about how her boss was a huge jerk, and I knew it was only a matter of another week or two before she'd come home and announce she'd been fired or quit. Whenever I offered any constructive criticism, it was always met with hostility, and she'd always try to turn the tables on me and tell me what a heartless jerk I was being for making her feel bad. Then she'd bring up every crummy thing that ever happened to her as a defense, and as another example of something I was supposedly being insensitive about.

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