Add more bosses instead of nerfing raid tiers - A possible solution that satisfies most

FFXIV is a casual MMO that releases a hardcore raid every 6-8 months. Not a hardcore game that can't keep up with itself. Also Extreme primals are real boss fights, and the last three have been way more difficult than A1S and A5S. I've beaten A8S, and I agree that I wish this game had more content like that, but the reality is that the model they've chosen is what's paying the bills. Casual players like 24 man raids. They like story mode 8-mans, and EX primals are still difficult for the majority of the player base. More difficult raids would be awesome, but let's not forget what happened when T13 was cleared in 5 days and the community had an outrage over easy content. We got Gordias. And it absolutely destroyed the raid scene and gutted some servers. Midas was a step in the right direction, but their clear rates still weren't where they wanted them to be. This tier may be easier than the last two, and I get why people aren't ecstatic over it, but this was a move on SE's part to undo the damage Gordias did to the game, and while the top 1% may not be completely satisfied with it, I am sure the next 5% will be. And they need that if they want to keep their subscriber numbers going into 4.0

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