Different substance kit common different challenges. Friends thinks when I had to kick heroin which I was IV user for four years. It was way different when I tried to kick the methamphetamine I was using straight for a year and a half. For example I didn’t have so much of a physical detox. But mentally it was destroying me and I felt like I could not stop thinking and fantasizing about it. No matter how bad I wanted to quit and kept reminding myself I was fucked up my life. If you wanna DM me and we can get the details I can definitely give you some things that will help you. But you got a remember it’s not gonna be easy in the beginning and you’ve got to stay committed. Give it three for March and that obsession you’re dealing with to where you feel like you don’t have a choice but to get high. It goes away I promise. You just Gotta stay committed. I hope to see you message me. I’ll even give you my number.

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