Addiction, despondency, and facing death..I have important info and am here to help.. Ok here it goes..

No, you don't have to e mail me to get itand I'm giving it away, but the amount of info across a broad variety of spectrums is immense, if you have a specific question about your particular problem that would make it easier, as just posting data and research would fill up several pages, and bore everyone to death. But let me ask you, if you were facing death, from addiction or dementia or cancer, what would you do? I wanted to find out what treatment millionaires and billionaires, (I'm not one, yet:) get, and the radical ideas that are just as affordable as the ones that are currently not working, might get kicked by the Mods, hence the email. Another thought is when I went to rehab and talked to the first guy I saw, he said that it was his 18th time in this place, considered one of the best on the east coast. 18 times, really? and it's on him? WTF! I say fire your Dr.s and find another way, because your paying them good money and their failing over and over again. And you come in on drugs and vulnerable and the first thing they do is lock you down and give you 16 other drugs that are "ok" to put you into an obedient stupor.. One more quick thing, the wealthy people I talked about before were, for the most part 85% or so, willing to talk, now if rich people, Silicon Valley and the rest on the west coast are willing to get excited and talk to me about it, and then it worked? again WTF!! Why did I have to suffer the indignity of getting a lesser treatment that ended up costing me more than them.. alright, brain health, healthy fats, mass brain Specs , and healing, post concussed people, ( including myself) to battling dementia and throwing labeling out the window(like ADD, ADHD, your a drug addict ) , Disaster mode thinking.. and the list goes on and on.. We all she be thought of as human beings first, as worthy of the best treatment plan. Sorry about the aggressive thinking posture but this is stuff I'm giving away, I want nothing from you or anybody, except to put out the info that I have assimilated and dessimination it among anyone who can benefit.. That's all..I'll get smart ass answers from some people on forums and others are e mailing me all day, I live this way everyday, because how would I know it worked? And I wouldn't give it away if it was such a "trade secret" I won't post specific forward thinking Dr.s names on a public forum, but I will in an e mail.. Sorry for the verbosity lol, John:)

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