ADHD and Class Attention

I relate to this so much!! Like you, I also have a hard time learning from pure verbal instruction and rely heavily on readings. Transitioning to in person has also been weirdly distracting with my ADHD in that I’m no longer tuning into class from my quiet room but from a classroom that feels like it’s filled with distractions?? Obviously I’m lucky to have had a private place to zoom into class from etc etc but when I’m sitting in class it’s like all i hear is the sound of my classmates typing or what not.

Anyway, I don’t know if I have any real tips and mainly just wanted to let you know i feel u. I have a class that’s also very problem based where the professor basically just lectures the law to us, and it’s super hard for me to follow. I ordered a supplement to help me atleast understand the black letter law and then will kind of go from there. I don’t know if you’re able to access recordings of your class but ive found using them to be super helpful. If I’m in class and get that feeling that I’m missing something that’s probably important or that I didn’t quite fully understand something, I make a note in my notes to go back and listen to later. I did well 1L but who knows how this year will go!! Good luck!!!

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