ADHD Diagnosis Based on “Illogical Rhetoric,” Analysis Claims

ADHD was always applied to students that had minds of their own and asserted their own interests in the school systems I grew up in.

Everyone I knew that was diagnosed passed both memory and attention tests, but were labeled when 'trick tests' were brought out to ensure anyone could be labeled (mostly critical thinkers or students known to come from non-traditional backgrounds).

These were incomplete tests that were high subjective, like 'what is missing from the drawing' or 'acribe meaning to written passages' tests.

I myself was labeled as a child even though I was also accused of spending too much time on my personal hobbies, all of which required attention and focus.

If anything the medications appear to clearly make things harder for some people, and the stigma most probably increases anxiety (and therefore interferes with concentration) itself.

If system workers are going to make claims, they should be required to prove their case with highly objects tests that are recorded, in full, and do not rely on their testimony, intuition or interpretion. That also applies to the groups inventing such tests.

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