Adobe Houses of Marfa, Texas (2019) Adobe Houses Are Made of Mud and Straw — and Some Now Cost $1 Million Because of Rising Taxes [10:08]

I helped build a small adobe home in Sonora, MX a few years ago. It's an interesting issue. You see ancient adobe homes in ruins, old adobe walls in towns which are slowly crumbling due to inappropriate concrete stucco plaster, and most new buildings around are made of concrete blocks.

Looks like this guy also builds Nubian vaults, which was for a time a forgotten technique which originated in Egypt. Some vaults in Egypt still stand after thousands of years. A man named Hassan Fathy helped to bring the techniques back and a woman in Texas learned this technique and began teaching it to others herself. My friend and this guy must share the same short lineage of teachers because it is not a widely known technique. Very cool!

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