Adorable double proposal

I would say that society evolving over time on the basis of consensus and evolving shared values is a good thing. But I don’t think society was ever meant to change so rapidly within a span of 10-20 years on an issue so vital as the concept of marriage. Further, I don’t think the means by which this change can be justified. It’s just PC thuggery.

Nobody ever tried to convince; the queers just jammed it down everybody’s throat and asserted that anyone who doesn’t rapidly change and denounce the traditional definition of marriage will be subject to social ostracization, accusations of bigotry, potential livelihood repercussions and flat-out hostility.

You cowards caved and jumped ship. Some of us stayed behind to defend what we know is right. Even if you disagree with my perspective, how can you justify this attitude shift that has come as a result of thug tactics? They don’t want to “coexist”; they want to eradicate my way of thinking and force people into their way of “thinking.” But that’s okay. There are some things I wouldn’t mind seeing eradicated.

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