AdoredTV's response to the response.

By referencing "anyone else's family" he was clearly talking about the other people in the office. There were already hateful tweets about Allen and Ryan since they were named in the video, but from the livestreams pcper seems to have 3 or 4 other people, including the kid of one of the other guys there, from time to time. If they get swatted, all of those people who had nothing to do with Adored's beef are put at risk. The interpretation by Adored of a threat against him is fucking bullshit and you should know. You and others pushing that line are unbelievable.

Does anyone even know who Adored is? I guess his first name is Jim, but is there a last name? A picture? An address? How is anyone supposed to threaten him? Compared to Ryan and Allen who have their names, faces, and pictures of their house out there. Even if that was stupid on their part to allow that information to be out there, the fact is that it's there, and any potential threats to them are far more realistic.

I am pissed at how pcper brought this on themselves, but the response and twisting of facts by Adored, and this kind of bullshit defense of him is the final straw. Everyone involved in this is shitty, but the defense of Adored in this manner is despicable.

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