Adrien loves marinette fanfic

In this alternative universe After Marinette helps Adrien by giving what Adrien calls her good advice!

By encouraging Adrien to tell his father he doesn’t want to be a model. that he doesn’t need to suppress his own opinions and desires from his Dad.

Adrien then asks Marinette fro give phone number which She gives to him without questioning him

(Due to feeling flattered he’d ask her.)

Adrien tells Marinette his life would be very different without her

Before saying dreamily “Marinette is a special person!”

He realizes he loves her as a girlfriend

Whereas Marinette as a middle class teenage girl is secretly pining for Kim since eighth grade(only her family know her crush on Kim also Luka til season 6 or season 5 finale Adrien)

And decides she’s too young to date and be physically affectionate while deciding she must be overprotective over her guardian miraculous roles and focus as much on her studies as possible to impress Kim’s family.)

Adrien boldly tries to kiss Marinette!

1st time:She steps back from him feeling embarrassed and just offers right handshake and Adrien kisses her right hand instead gentlemanly making Marinette’s blush red worried about being unfaithful to her husband that she dreams to marry someday.)

(Nino and Alya are disappointed they think Marinette shouldn’t be prudish to let Adrien kiss her cheek or lips)

2nd.Adrien(without asking her again) Tries to kiss Marinettes left cheek again Marinette offers left hand shake and Adrien takes her hand in both in hands this time and kisses her left hand longer than he did with her right hand Marinette again blushes red and slowly pulls her hand out of his grasp before sweetly saying bye and left

Nino and Alya are disappointed again Alya:”I’ll grab both her hands next time I don’t get why she doesn’t want a handsome smart boy to kiss her What if Oh no she better not be in love with another man in her life who could Marinette possibly be in love with and what does she see in him?”

(Kim but she doesn’t know)

3rd time Alya grabs Marinette arms

Adrien actually gives Marinette’s lips a quick peck before smiling at her

Marinette blushes at how handsome Adrien looks when he smiles at her but she was still in love with Kim so she sadly told Adrien because she assumed he thought she is not in love with another boy :”I’m sorry Adrien but I’m in love with another boy and I was trying to save my first kiss for him since eighth grade but (tears)but I lost it!”(Marinette’s eyes tear up she ran far!)

Alya:”Well had Marinette told me about her crush on another boy I wouldn’t have tried to hold her back!”

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