Adult kids shamed for still living with their parents

Yeah I'm a bit conflicted on that. It is very normal for parents to charge rent here. I have to pay mine rent. I mean I don't mind it because it's very small fraction of what it would cost for me to live alone, but I've known some people whose parents extorted them out of a lot of money which is just wrong. My family is also quite.. poor? Not exactly my fault but I feel subconsciously responsible due to my existence, I don't know, I just pay it.

One friend I no longer see ended up living cheaper sharing an apartment with another friend than when he was living with his mother. We do have that culture of kicking kids out but it's often done passively like that, charging a lot of rent just because you've become of age. It's disgusting.

Thanks, I know what you mean. It's not so much the living with parents aspect but the fact we live in a real shit hole full of scum and criminals. Nothing compared to an American ghetto but I still live with paranoia and hatred for these people. Having to watch my back everywhere I go. And crime seems to be on an up here because of constant government cuts to the Police force.

This turned into a bit of a wall but hopefully gave you an insight into British life lol.

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