Adult tantrum

I can kind of sympathise. I have diagnosed adhd and anxiety. Before I got help there were many times I'd have similar freak outs. I would know that what I was doing in the moment was damaging, I knew I looked like a twat, but I just couldn't come back down to earth. I felt powerless that I couldn't control my emotions which just exacerbated the issue. I don't know if the saying is global or translates well but "in for a penny, in for a pound" was definitely how I felt. Can't do anything about it, oh well, just gonna go apeshit, can't get any worse from here for me.

It's a difficult spiral to mentally get yourself out of. Some people just get emotionally overloaded and don't know how to control or express themselves.

As batshit as this woman looks, I hope she can get help to understand her emotions and control them better.

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