Adults of Reddit, what is it that you do for a living? Listing your job title what it is exactly that you do and whether it requires an education beyond highschool. Can we do this for all the teenagers or young adults (like myself) who just have no idea what they're doing with their education?

Corporate litigation attorney. We have a lot of fortune 500 clients. I practice in federal court. Most of the cases we handle are contract disputes, antitrust, and some white collar crime. It requires a bachelors (4 yrs) and JD (3 yrs).

It is sometimes enjoyable, particularly when we are involved with highly publicized cases. For example, we recently did some work on the varsity blues scandal (e.g. Becky from Full House paying her daughters’ way into USC). You get a lot of inside info and get to see documents and evidence that isn’t released to the public until much later, if ever. It’s also exciting because most of the litigation we do is relatively high stakes (damages in the millions+).

That being said, probably wouldn’t recommend. I chose this career path partly out of interest and partly for $$. But money isn’t that great when you have no free time to enjoy it. Very little work/life balance. If i could go back, i think i’d choose a different path. I might still.

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