Advance Wars 1+2: Re-Boot Camp Preview Thread

Nintendo took so long to revive this franchise while Fire Emblem prints money, and the way they brought it back was just a new coat of paint on those first two games. Having played those old games, I'd highly recommend Wargroove over them, which surprised me. It has none of the cheap bullshit that Intelligent Systems (at least used to) put in their campaigns, and all of the changes Wargroove made over Advance Wars happily speed up the slowest parts of the game. There's also an upcoming game called Warside that looks so much like Advance Wars that maybe they get sued for it, but I'm keeping my eye on that one as well.

Yeah but that doesn't really promote faction diversity. If all the units are the same for each faction and the grooves don't actively change which units are better or worse, there is no diversity. Advanced Wars actively made you want to field different units based on those map-wode CO powers and army modifiers.

If each faction is identical and no incentive is given to specialize then the game feels homogeneous. In Advance Wars building indirect units with Max isn't that great, so it changes what you might field. It forces diversity by giving you incentives to build your strategy around different units and mechanics. Wargroove misses all of this.

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