Advice to a 15 Year Old Me: Step 1A. Stop Talking.

Don't talk about controversial shit. Religion, politics and sex are the Big Three taboos. It's never been good decorum to get opinionated about these topics, and it's just impolite and indiscreet to talk about them. Add to that the RedPill stuff you've picked up here. Don't talk about RedPill. Live what you've learned, don't talk about theory all over the place in real life. If all you can talk about is theology, politics and RedPill, you need to broaden your horizons.

For 99% of people, I agree. There does exist the 1% though. I was born to trigger and make people flip out. I'm a rare breed though that's more comfortable in conflict than small talk and who does really well under duress or even being hated. I'm pretty good at being a charismatic shit lord and I've made friends with people who are VERY intolerant of opposing ideas, even feminists, by being a misogynistic little shit lord.

There are two laws of power that I think contradict each other. The first is to enter with boldness and the second is to think how you'd like but act like others. Whichever one applies probably has more to do with the doer than the law itself or even the situation. I think that for people who lean towards the first, trying to live by the second just makes them feel uncomfortable and censored. These people often end up harming themselves because they disarm their natural inclinations and remove all of their charisma. Faking it is just kind of awkward and they often sit in a corner, not feeling up to talking to anyone.

Whether you love him or hate him, there's something that Donald Trump got by being repeatedly under fire, always the subject of controversy, and coming off as completely different from the other candidates that nobody else could benefit from. Neither way is better than the other though. If I try to be quiet and blend in then I usually find myself being utterly silent and unable to bring myself to even speak to anyone, let alone do a good job of it, and I tend to have no frame at all. I talked to another very well regarded TRPer the other day who said he didn't like to be the subject of mass attention or controversy. Other guys on here are just chameleons who can do whatever the fuck they'd like and pull it off naturally. I don't have the talent. You gotta figure out where you happen to lie on the spectrum.

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