Not that I owe /you/ any sort of explanation but I’m gonna go ahead and proceed with one anyway so your little ignorant ass can understand. I am a driver now too. I do both. I have experienced both jobs. You have not. I can objectively say that while driving is certainly more physically taxing, dispatch is significantly more mentally taxing. You really don’t need much of a brain to drive... and since you got hired, point proven. I love my drivers. In no way am I saying they don’t work hard. The DSP would not survive without its drivers, sure. But the drivers would not survive without dispatch either. I work hard. Just like any other employee. Even if I didn’t receive a full 300$ bonus but I still received something, I’d be satisfied. But instead I got nothing. 0$. Where’s your Christmas spirit homie? You really think daddy Jeff can’t afford it? My problem is not with you but with Amazon HQ or whoever made this decision. But thank you for your negative input anyway you absolute fucking weasel :)

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