Advice for family looking at relocating from England to Mobile

I lived in NYC for a decade+ prior to Mobile, I’m originally from the south, and tbh I wouldn’t wish Alabama on anyone.

You are about to give up a lot for a state that votes overwhelmingly for tRump. Politically, the majority of AL voters don’t believe women are people or that Black Lives Matter. Is there a liberal community in Mobile? Yes. We helped get Doug Jones elected and we’re about to do it again, but the red state problems of no/low healthcare, massive income inequality, and a governor that doesn’t care if people die of CV19 can feel depressing, anxiety-inducing, and overwhelming.

I honestly cannot believe anyone would consider moving to the US right now watching this shit show from afar. I say this as an exhausted activist working with low-income ppl who has a terrible personal life at the moment, so feel free to disregard my bummer opinion.

Downtown is cool

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