Advice For A Tourist?

I saw the replies you got on r/denver. It's true that parts of Denver can get sketchy after dark, but like any city if she's aware of her surroundings and avoids sketchy people she'll be fine. That said she should definitely avoid all of Colfax Ave and the Civic Center Park area because it's homeless/junkie central after dark.

Without knowing her I'm having trouble thinking of specific recommendations after dark but I would suggest she walks up and down 16th St Mall and the side streets around it starting at Union Station. There are lots of restaurants, bars and shops there she can check out and it's safe and well-lit. There are also free buses every 5-10 mins on 16th she can hop on if she's cold or tired of walking. Also the whole Union Station area is safe and has a decent amount of stuff open after dark. There are other things and places I would recommend in the daytime but not so much after dark.

You'll get recommendations for Meow Wolf but personally I don't recommend it (overpriced and overcrowded, and a lot of stuff was broken when I visited).

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