Advice for wellbeing issue

Hey guys, I'm new to reddit and apparently don't know how to set up a post properly. Anyway, I was hoping to get some advice on a wellbeing issue at my school. I have stepped into a year level coordinator role in a high school this year (no one internal applied for this year level because they know the lack of support the coordinators receive). Anyway, there's a student who keeps coming to me (let's call her Jasmine) because she's experiencing friendship issues with her group. I found her another group to sit with and had a meeting with the entire old group . It started whenJasmine wrote a comment in snapchat that she wishes herself, Maddy and Sienna (not real names) were the only members of her group. Sienna told the others and now the group have turned on Jasmine. After our meeting together with the 3 girls above, plus another 2 girls in Jasmines old group, things got heated and all very contradictory. I decided we need to stay away from each other, don't talk to each other (unless it's respectful e.t.c) . I mentioned we're will meet again in a couple of weeks when we're have all had time and space away from each other. Jasmine is now coming to my office every day telling me the girls are giving her funny looks and laughing, spreading gossip, etc The others deny. To be fair to Jasmine, Maddy also caused issues by saying false things about another student ("Steph") and trying to jet Jasmine to say bad things as well, then turned around to Steph and told her.

Jasmine had a run in with another student at the beginning of the year and as a result, her father exploded at me at the beginning of the year for not "doing anything". The issues at the time were funny looks and saying petty things (I.e. Jasmine is "inappropriate" (I don't think that's bad compared to other things I hear students say). It was all very silly and even though I met with both students and told them to stay away from each other, Jasmines father told me I had done nothing. He was very aggressive and I wasn't comfortable telling him it was petty and Jasmine needs some resilience.

So, my feeling is Jasmine needs resilience and she is just as much a part of the drama as the rest of the group, but I'm terrified of ringing the father and telling him this. Advice? On any of the above? If you have any questions, please ask.

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