[Advice] Kineticist traits/feat Help

I have three problems i'm trying to solve:

1- Telekineticists are unable to target themselves with the kinetic blade infusion(I assume, since they are not an object held in their hand) and i'd like to find a way to change that.

2- There is currently no way I am aware of to take 1 on damage rolls(that is, treat attacks as though a 1 was rolled for damage & forgoing the attempt to do more) or to reduce the number of dice dealt by a kinetic blast on a case by case basis. I would like to change these things as well. & 3- I am not sure how to balance the delivery of these items into the game, whether as traits or feats. Or wild talent/infusions.

On one hand they give significant abilities that were not otherwise available, but on the other hand using them is almost always strictly worse than not using them, so i can't pinpoint their value on a scale of trait to feat. I can't make them drawbacks without making their use mandatory, which does not solve anything.

Though, to condense all of this down into what this is all trying to achievee(which i now realize was what you meant) I want to make a kineticist who uses random objects and cheap weapons in battle as kinetic blades, breaks them regularly & is able to take damage to use themselves when nothing obvious is at hand. I also want to integrate thee ability to intentionally hit things less than absolutely as hard as possible. Occasionally to avoid killing weak things that couldn't withstand several dice of nonlethal damage & occasionally to be able to punch something without the possibility of exploding into bloodmist from the prior ability.

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