Advice on Character Hate

My previous group of friends gave me shit for any character i played. You can only hear 'you only win because you play a stupid character' so many times before it becomes annoying.

You can switch characters but it wont make them stop complaining if you are better or more willing to improve than the people you play with. In smash four i staryed playing exclusively what was at the bottom of the tier list and people still gave me shit and found excuses for their losses.

You do you. Let people complain. They can learn new characters... they can try to get better at the game... they can try to figure out how to beat bowser. But at the end of the day you wont have fun if you switch characters for them. Chances are they still wont be happy.

Ive moved to a different smash group and its fair to say that everyone despises everyone else's best characters... we spend the matches infuriated at some combos or playstyles but then people just tey to figure out what could work in the next game, instead of devaluating a win or finding excuses. Yes that Ness spams a thousand spells per game but its my job to learn how to counter that and mow through the onslaught of PK bullshit, the Ness shouldnt have to give up on his character.

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