Advice on how to start a successful personal training business?

Totally feel you man. But hey at least you don’t have rent right? I struggled forever just trying to pay rent and not lose my lease. Paid ads are phenomenal but you’re going to lose money for awhile until you understand how things work. It’s not even close to easy but in the end you’re targeting people who are searching for you and the conversion rate is much higher. Again think about everything you do more as a business.

Don’t get me wrong you can still post your own workouts to generate some simple content and show off a bit but always keep in mind what people are paying for. Business is about the client, not you.

Finally - referrals. 100% of my business is from referrals at this point. My Instagram got hacked and banned a few months ago and I didn’t even care because I don’t need it anymore. Referrals buy packages at much higher rates and they stick around forever.

Local Facebook groups are great. Local moms are a huge client market but even bigger and sometimes more lucrative are their kids. And the sessions are fun as hell. I have a few teens training with me now for football and soccer. The parents then refer you to others kids parents on the team and it all starts coming together. And then you pitch the idea of training all the moms as well.

Bottom line is define who you want to train and pitch the right content to the right people.

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