Advice on potentially buying a latex mattress online

So where do you get your information from that makes it right? They put gel in memory foam to keep it from getting as hot. and the gel still gets hot. They put "cooling" chemical treatments on the fabric cover on memory foam to help it not heat up as much, and it still heats up. Latex is certainly more durable on average than memory foam (less prone to any body impressions, less prone to soft spots, does not get firmer or softer due to ambient air temperatures like memory foam does) Off-gassing? Memory foam is a petroleum based product. Latex is a natural rubber, no chemicals.

i personally know a lot of people that sleep on solid latex mattresses, many of which have had the mattresses for over 20 years. All of them, including myself have absolutely no plans of replacing them at any point in the next ten years. Most of them love the mattress even more than the day they got them.

On the other hand, I also know a lot of people that have, or had memory foam beds. most of them replaced them by about the 7th year of owning them, many complained about heat issues, soft spots, change in firmness, off-gassing (in the tends to go away after some time)

in my opinion, latex mattresses are by far the lowest cost of ownership mattress that you can buy (longevity), provides as good or better support than memory foam, doesn't have heat or off-gassing issues. They also rate way higher for "intimacy" situations than memory foam (which is the worst type of mattress for intimacy). Memory foam makes you feel stuck where you cant move. Latex is the exact opposite.

Al things aside, memory foam is not a "bad" product, but people absolutely have a much higher satisfaction level for latex over a longer period of time than memory foam.

Source: Me. I do statistical analysis for both retail mattress stores and wholesale mattress manufacturers. I trust the numbers and data, not my gut. The numbers and data, however bear out the same conclusions that my gut gives me.

This is just one mans opinion and biases, based on data and gut feelings. ;-)

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