Advice and opinions needed!

Hi, I am a 34 year old male from the UK with Crohn’s disease for the last 6 years. I had a major flare when first diagnosed but thankfully got it under control with infliximab and 6MP. I remained well and came off all Medication around 2 years ago , I had a flexi camera test 1 year ago that showed no active inflammation and a normal bowel. 2 months ago I began to feel symptoms again - Blood , mucus and cramping etc. I was prescribed steroid enemas for 2 months and these helped. A week after finishing those, my symptoms have reappeared. Due to my inflammation being in my large intestine and my IBD nurse has prescribed pentesa suppositories as he thinks the steroids may have missed some inflammation. I took my first one last night but today I’ve been quite bad, running to and from the toilet with small drops of blood leaking out and not much stool. The IBD nurse told me use these for 2 weeks and they should work, but I am a little anxious as today is probably the worst it’s been and I don’t feel well in myself at all. With 2 young children, I can’t really afford to be ill like this. I am concerned that if I do leave it 2 weeks it could just worsen. Has anyone used the supps before? Are they effective ? What are peoples opinions on my situation?

Thanks in advance guys

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