[Advice] What should I prepare for my first time?

If you are soon to be married then don't have silly pressures worrying so much about your first time; it will hopefully be romantic and fulfilling for both of you but on a technical level it won't be the best you will have, and will get better with practice.

As a bare minimum you will need - condoms (at least 3... no need to stop the fun if it breaks etc.), tissue, towel, cushion/pillow, water and lube.

There may not be blood... this doesn't determine her virginity... so do not freak out if it doesn't happen, likewise be prepared for if it does... some virgin women might only bleed during second or third time of sex, especially with good foreplay during first time.

You need to know where the vagina, the clit, and g-spot is... however remember it is NOT a race and you can explore each others bodies together at s low pace. You can get apps to help with sex positions or just search internet.

It is always a good idea to have a towel to place under her to save your bed sheets (assuming bedroom of course!) - but really, they are likely to get messy - a pillow or cushion under the towel can help you achieve a better angle if needed.

If you consider yourself quite thick down there, get a larger condom size... (if not sure get both to try) the extra couple of mm makes a big difference and prevents squeezing your erection away, which some guys experience. Some condom brands do textured condoms which can add a bit of excitement to the sex. Use little bit of lube. Don't rush, don't try to wing it... ensure you are rock hard and thus likely to maintain the erection before attempting penetration. Start slow, you can always build up speed etc. later.

The best foreplay is non-foreplay (kinda speaking)... don't start with oral or fingering etc. start off with a good day together (if planning for evening/night), then before foreplay... plenty of KISSING (its underrated) and don't forget to kiss her neck or lightly nibble her ears. That pretty much is foreplay... but start with that before going further with the foreplay. Remember, it is always easier enhancing the moment rather than trying to create it from scratch.

The best thing you can do IMO is doing enough that SHE wants the sex without having sex... when she initiates it she is mentally prepared and probably physically too... You might have to start it if she isn't that forward.

Having water (or other drink) at hand prepared is good both for oral sex (in particular if you want her to taste your cum) and as a refreshment to prevent losing the vibe. Don't forget to communicate a lot. Hope this helps.

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