Advise on reducing a $2000 dentist visit

With a good dental insurance/plan and not as a new patient, i.e. you didn't have to do a comprehensive exam, xrays and stuff, it may very well may be $800. However my case is that that dentistry is not in-network with my dental plan, so you could say I have no insurance, and I will be a new patient for them.

Also, the dentist is good. I have done some research on him, checked his dentist license status, education, qualifications and met him in person for the second opinion I had.

I'm just asking for advise on how can I lower the cost. Maybe there is some other dental insurance/plan I could apply for or somehow convince DentalGuard to work with that out-of-network dentist, idk. Even saving $500 on it would help a lot.

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