The Aerial (2007) [SILENT] [English Subs] Retro Futuristic Dystopian Sci-Fi Fantasy

The Aerial (2007) is a near-silent black and white film from Argentina tells the story of a city that has lost its voice, stolen by Mr. TV, and the attempts of a small family to win the voice back.


Wow. An expressionist black and white silent film from 2007. How good could it be? It's better than good - it's great!
There are some really great retro-futuristic science fiction elements the likes of which I've never seen and I've seen plenty.


You don't need to speak... errrr read Spanish to understand La Antena (2007). It's not a complicated film and easy to understand as the German expressionist style is used to wonderful effect. There aren't lines and lines of subtitles to wade through. You may need to google translate a word here or there if need be, but you probably won't.


The Subtitles Are Different
La Antena (2007) has unique, vintage-looking subtitles and not intertitles as one would expect in a silent film.
This effect is reminencent of the dynamic subtitles used in Night Watch (2004)

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