[AEW GRAND SLAM SPOILERS] A problem with (SPOILER’S) theme song.

He did serve 2 years in prison. He got out…I think in 2011.

For context, By then, his old band Escape The Fate, kicked him out, cause well, he was in prison. Once he got out, he formed a new band, Falling in Reverse. A lot of the stuff he’s criticized for was for things he did on tour, initially with that new band. If you listen to that first album out of prison, it’s 99% about wanting his old band dead. He was super into drugs at the time too, so there was like a 4 year period where he was just flipping out on everyone and making diss tracks, so alot of people don’t care for him, and he’s kinda leaned into the villain role that he essentially created.

Since then, him and his old band have toured together, he’s been sober, and he still leans into the “I’m a bad guy” persona cause he gets attention.

Their music can be okay, it varies by song though. “Coming Home” is pretty good album, not a lot of drama attached to it. If you’re curious it’s an okay place to start. Otherwise, the one Escape The Fate album he did “Dying is your latest fashion” is a classic for the emo/rock scene.

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