Afghan pilots assassinated by Taliban as U.S. withdraws

The intelligence communities provided the same kind of corroboration and investigation they did of the Gulf of Tonkin incident

The hell they did. There was no physical evidence, just subjective reports, and when revealed they said nothing similar to what the politicians were claiming they did. In that instance it was all trust in politicians, here we see the actual documents. This comparison is pure bunk, and your reliance on it is why you’re wrong.

You may be able to cross your arms and claim certainty about this, but me, I've seen too many historical examples of countries keeping their secrets just long enough to avoid consequence for the lies they tell to really trust that the US government isn't lying to me about the reason we invaded yet another nation half a world away.

Fine, be a paranoid lunatic when it’s not warranted. I’m glad you’re outvoted by cooler heads.

Sounds so familiar...

Garbage. Logic.

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