Afghanistan asks for explanation after Trump claims US could wipe it 'off the face of the Earth'

If Fox had to do it, MSNBC and CNN would have to as well. I wonder how many of the people who hate on Fox have watched all three together, or if they just let their political bias get in the way of which one to hate the most.

Like holy shit, MSNBC doesn't even make attempts at hiding their bias anymore. They're worse than CNN, and that's the one channel that Facebook boomers hate with a passion. During their interviews they lead and say things like "I think we can all agree that (insert heavily controversial and debatable event) went down exactly like (insert bias of audience), so what are your thoughts?" And all three interviewees proceed to regurgitate the same thing 3 different ways.

It's the same fucking thing no matter which channel. reddit only hates Fox because Fox is CNN but for the right wing.

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