Be afraid. Be very afraid.

If you need to go "inform" people about things they already know on the internet

Look, all I did was saw someone using a trm incorrectly and kindly corrected them. All I'm trying to do is help you and you keep insulting me for no reason. Actions speak louder than words, you say you know what it means but then you go and use it in a way that is not what it means. I'm not saying that people who label themselves as incels are actually involutarily celibate, I'm just saying that they think they are.

I think you should just go do your homework. Don't high schoolers still have that sort of thing to do or did school let out already?

Congratulations, you can read a post history. If you have to bring in irrelevant details just to make your argument seem decent, then do you really have a good argument? Do you really, honestly think that the best use of your time is to go digging through some teenager's post history just to insult them?

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