After 168 days, Star Wars: Force Awakens' completed its domestic run with $936,662,225

Not for long, now if you don't break a billion with a blockbuster it's not considered a success, especially since production budgets are skyrocketing, ever since Avatar hit 2 billion producers saw that 1 billion is not the magic mark anymore, bar has been raised and if you want to call your movie a huge hit you have to go for 2 billion. This is what happened with AMS 2, it hit 700+ million but production and marketing was so high it wasn't considered good enough anymore, same thing we are seeing with BvS, to get the box office they are raising the production and marketing budgets and risk becomes so high that you have to hit that 1 billion mark or you have failed, honestly this is kind of a huge dick measuring contest "You hit 2 billion? just wait we will also do it and have a 400 million budget", it has become contest of scale and directors are being pushed and pulled in all directions to hit that mark, from Spectre, Amazing Spider-Man 2, BvS, Avengers AoU, all have had so much f-king interference it's a wonder all of them didn't end up as incoherent action sequences with all dialogue cut, it's a actually kind of crazy how much control JJ got over Star Wars, just look what happening with Rogue One, look what is happening with Suicide Squad, there is so much money on the line that they will go and push aside creative people and say "Look, this is what makes money now make it the way we want it", hell, they did it with new Star Trek, crazy stunts, fun action and adventure, they even got Fast & Furious director because he broke the 1 billion mark, he did it and now he can do with Star Trek what he wants and studio wants him to do it, initial rumor was that Paramount wanted him to make movie similar to Guardians of The Galaxy, family, fun, adventure with stunts for young people, I could talk about this all day, every big movie coming out right now is story like this behind it, JJ got lucky, those who will fallow him? well see.

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