After 22 years in an emotionally/physically abusive, and extremely religious household, and living in fear of modern medicine, vaccines, and doctors in general, I got two vaccinations today at my first ever doctor's appointment.

People get angry about things that are questioned when it seems obvious to them why they happen. Like someone saying, “well, suchandsuch disease was eradicated without a vaccine why do we need it now.” Well, because of heard immunity, for one. And because some diseases that were “eradicated” without a vaccine were because the people who had it? They fucking died. It’s just sad that people quickly forget the horrors of diseases because science has advanced far enough that we don’t see the effects anymore. Polio, for instance. Rarely seen in 1st world countries. Why? Vaccinations. Some people get a lot of vaccines. Guess what they don’t get? Polio. Measles. Tetanus. Rabies. Life altering or life ending diseases. And it doesn’t just protect you when you get them. It protects those with compromised immune systems who cannot get the vaccines. Not because they don’t want, but physically can’t. That’s why people get angry and defensive. Because stupidity in this case can literally maim or kill another person. Or many people.

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