After a 2nd playthrough, I still think ALttP just isn't that good

While I respect your opinion, I think you should consider that this game came out almost 30 years ago. It's my understanding (as a youth, you see) that at the time, ALTTPs story was quite involved for an era that had more technological limitations. I'm not saying your point about the story is invalid (it's not) but keep that in context. Similar points for the "leveling" (aka enemies that just take more hits or More of them). As far as the "most Zelda" Zelda game? I'd agree - it feels more like Zelda than LoZ1 or 2! It established a lot of the landmarks of the story, so it is understandable that it would feel boring if you've already played the others. That's how j felt when I played Loz1 - I was like, ALTTP did this so much better!

I will say that I don't necessarily agree with many of your points (again, I think they need to be considered in the game design and innovations that ALLTP brought) but I'm with you on the combat! It hasn't aged super well, and I always die a lot haha.

Thanks for providing your opinion, sorry to hear you didn't enjoy the game! Maybe give ALBW a shot if you haven't already.

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