After 30 years of mortgage payments. I paid it off today. It’s all ours

Correct, it’s outrageous. It also depends on where you choose to live. You can still find cheaper homes to start out with and work your way up. I also wasn’t saddled with student loans or any debt when I bought my house. But right now you can get a small 2-3 bedroom home in the Midwest for 40K. 30-45 minutes from a major city. I had a geo metro and had to drive an hour to work each day. It’s sucked but that was my choice to go that route. It’s does come down to what people are willing to do. Want a cheaper home in the area where you are now? Buy a lot, put a manufactured home on it and live there. It’s half the costs of a stick built home. Buy a hud home, they tell you exactly what’s wrong with the home. HUD will pay you to fix the house up or reduce the cost. Two of my homes during my 23 years were these. So it’s not as impossible as you might think. If a high school dropout can do it so can you. Good luck on your journey.

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