After 30 years I started seeing escorts -- and my marriage improved!

I respect that choice and the people choices make reflect what they can and cannot, wish and wish not to face in their life. But I come from a background where if you're not even allowed to say the word 'sex' as a woman without sounding like a whore. So I have fought for decades to drop lies, dishonesty, facades and pretences. I have fought hard to undo decades of being told where my place is to 'silently' put up with things as a woman. I've worked a lot to face my own truths. The outcome of that is I have gone the opposite direction, it's a no go for me to be lied to. Having had the direct experience of being lied to as well, it is not cool at all. I would rather hear the facts, see things in black and white and make my choices. But to each their own.

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