After 32 hours of labor, my baby was finally born.

Okay so serious question. I just got into building sets through my kid and I have no idea how common this is or not -- did you glue it?

I fell in love with building Lego sets through my kid. Only problem is, I would spend an hour or more building a set and then he would just obliterate it in a matter of minutes and then immediately ask me to put them together again (then the cycle repeated). Anyway, we got some new Star Wars sets and I wanted them to go up in a display cabinet so I super glued them. He absolutely had a fit over it and they ended up coming out. A few had already dried so he couldn't pull the pieces apart and he was super disappointed. About a week or so after that, we saw the Lego movie. I lost my mind and ugly cried at the end realizing I was totally acting like Lord Business. I've had a few low moments as a parent, but that one stung. And no, I haven't touched the Kragle since.

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