After 6 months of unemployment, I finally have a new job! *dances*

As someone who was where you are a year ago, can I offer some suggestions to keep yourself 'sane'?

  • Get outside. It doesn't have to be exercise. Walk or drive somewhere and just sit outside. Read a book, listen to music. Just be somewhere outside of your house. It's so easy to feel trapped inside when, really there are so many places you can be. You can even take a notepad and write ideas for job hunting/ answers to application questions if it makes you feel better about it.
  • Exercise. There's a reason people talk about a runner's high.
  • Take up a hobby. There must be something you never had time for. Maybe your house needs decorating or you really want to cross-stitch a cushion? If you have enough money you could take an adult learning course in something fun/ interesting. It's important that your whole day isn't about not getting a job. Use your time to do something for you as well. [personal hobbies: cross-stitching (can be done while watching TV & it's easy to see progress in it) and dieting (may not seem like a hobby but you've got time to put time into you now)]
  • Give yourself deadlines. E.g. You have to work today until you've done 3 applications, or 5 hours. Which ever comes first. Then you can have time for other things without feeling guilty/ like you're doing something wrong. I know that feeling too well.
  • Apply for things you don't like the sound of. You might be doing this already, but you never know which awful job summary will turn into a pretty sweet job (or job for now). And at least you might get some interview experience out of it.
  • Take days off. BUT only the days you've planned to take off. Don't fall into a "I'll do that tomorrow" habit. Still, job hunting is a full time job if you're doing it right so you need your down time.
  • Spend time with friends. Company's important. And external company is doubly important. Ever seen a stay at home parent when they get to talk about something other than little Jimmy? They're so happy! You need that too. Get out there and talk about something other than your job hunt.
  • Give yourself a metaphorical break. As long as you can honestly say that you're trying your best then that's great. You can't be perfect.

You'll get there.

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