After a bad incident with my friend, my mental has plummeted and I no longer want to play the game. Any advice, tips, or comments?

By first, breaking your mental barrier of things r "OP". As long as it exists and u remotely take it serious. Then it will hurt you. It will keep doing what its doing. U get titles bc if a champions op it means u couldn't do anything better and u feel "helpless" but instead if u know they r beatable, that there is a chance and hope exists. Then your more likely to play and learn to how can i beat this guy. Whats his next move? U no longer will b plagued eith "wow he jst clicked 2 buttons. Tht guys so OP. I easily can blah blah blah" random rants or wht not most people do when tilted. Anothet way to not tilt is to mute the chat id it tends to trigger/distract you.

Tl:dr Stop thinking x champions r op cause it seems to be causing you to tilt/feel hopeless almost.

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