After a decade of bullshit, they’ve finally broken ground…

Well, that's not true. The parcel was rsa5(single family). It acquired a variance ~2014 to build multi family apartments within the existing church structure. This was appealed by the faithful laurentians, and it sat in limbo until 2019, when Clarke spot zoned it with community support to multi family(rm4) to allow for the development to move forward as planned. Then the engineers started saying it was unstable and it was declared dangerous in 2021, leading to its current fate. Just two months ago a bill was begun by Clarke to once again spot zone it down to single family to prevent development. However, a zoning permit was filed months ago and under the old zoning of multi family. Since whenever you apply for a permit it is allowed to proceed under the zoning existing when filing, this project was approved and Clarke's bill is effectively moot.

CMX5 is the most dense and tallest designation in zoning. It's what towers like Comcast etc are zoned.

Plus squilla isn't even the council rep, Clarke is.

So respectfully, your friend is full of shit.

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