After you die, it is said you experience 7 final minutes of brain activity. In those 7 minutes you relive your entire life in a dream like state. But because in dreams time is stretched, how do you know you’re not experiencing that right now?

It’s not proveable because even if it is doable like that, you will only ever have one person to which this has happened, and a sample size of one person out of all the billions who have existed proves practically nothing. If you somehow eliminated the moral objections to having people repeatedly try to kill themselves for a science experiment, you still couldn’t prove it because by Quantum Immortality’s own rules, all these subjects may very well die in your universe but go on to live in other. This also fails to consider that said scientist trying to kill himself repeatedly would only semi-succeed and would disfigure or cripple himself or that the scientist is somehow able to successfully “prove” it but ends up in a completely different universe from ours. So, the only way to “prove” it is for you to do it yourself, but then it only proves it to you, and it’s still a sample size of one, which is again assuming that you don’t get critically injured and is writing off all other possible explanations for it. Personally, I would sooner believe that God Himself is preventing you from death than I would believe that your conscience is transferring across identical dimensions.

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