After four years single I’ve finally met my soulmate! Had to share, have no friends really, just Reddit! Love you all

OP (girl) and I are no longer soulmates. Y'all were right about red flags. She was using drugs the whole time we were together. I just saw what I wanted to see. She finally couldn't keep the act going, got sloppy, and I found out. Funny enough it was her coming home with Taco Bell that gave it away. That is the national drunk food of America. I told her when we got together if any one of us used it was over. She said she would "love me through it". I told her I wouldn't. Now all her stuff is moved out except furniture. Plus now I have her drug dealer/ roommate / using her for sex with drugs and trying to assult me. Cops were called the whole nine yards. Lesson learned and a few hundred burned. I still have love for her and I want to help her get better but I can't help anyone who doesn't want help. Please pray for her if you can. I want so desperately for her to turn her life around.


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