After having E1 Flan fully maxed out and fully equipped with all mlb cards, now i'm stuck at making a decision on Mini Yuyu or LWS Reimu (i can mlb 1 of them immediately). After doing some checking, i'm still stuck at which one to invest my dpds for. Can i have some suggestions?

Shaman is impossible to kill; Yuyuko is already dead.

For real, though, Lunar War Reimu is an utterly fantastic tank - once she gets things hitting her, her 3-turn passive focus-up on getting hit keeps things glued to her with max focus stacks pretty much automatically, and her passive heal, fifty-fifty barrier regen, and heal-on-demand are able to keep her up indefinitely through pretty much anything short of EX or top-level tower stages (hell, she might even survive those if I could ever afford the 100 tokens for finishing off her awakening).

Once you see a Virtual Senjutsu proc, pretty much nobody else besides her on your team has to use a graze for the entire rest of the fight (spellcards/last words included, with the way focus mechanics work).

And she deletes things with extreme prejudice while she's doing it, too.

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