After hearing that one of the Baltimore vandals that turned himself in is getting held with a $500,000 bail

I'm not sure where to start with why you're an idiot, but I'll give it a shot, Champ. Buckle up.

seen the big balls joke

Wasn't a joke, you shit the bed. Own up.

balls to admit what he did and turning himself in

He had a choice? He had his face on TV, a city with 2000 national guard and the police all over the place. That's not balls, that's painting yourself into a corner.

did nothing short of murder and then try to cover it up...

Already said I agreed with you, keep on topic there Circlejerky.

took a DA risking her job

Meh... she was risking her job either way really. Call the cops criminals or have the city burnt down by degenerates again.. anyhow, back to the topic on hand of how many it is to burn down people's shit.

pretty cowardly to hind behind...

\again, already agreed with you, even though you tried the part about me adoring the "men" who did this. Again, one was a woman, knock off the sexist banter you troglodyte.

balls to come forward and admit his mistake

Didn't take balls, we already went over that. Mistake? Did he flick a cigarette into a 5 cans of gas that he accidentally spilled upon a building? What mistake? He's a criminal. If you have such a boner for the guy, write him a letter in prison, invite him over to your house when he gets out, and he can live with you.

The police ran away and hid cause they felt confident no one would tell on them or find out. That's why he has bigger balls than those pussy police officers stupid shit.

yadda yadda...

some sort of internet genius.

I'm all sorts of genius, not just internet.

You're nothing short of the definition of trying too hard.

Do you have your dad over your shoulder coaching you through this internet bully style beating that you're taking? What kind of 1963 Ward Cleaver insult is that? Go to your room.

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