After Helsley's comments, Braves make some changes to their in-game program and 'chop'.

Yes it is all the white man's fault still, not that they are living in drug and alcohol ridden reservations.

Yes, it's not like the US was built on the blood and genocide of native people, hundreds of years of racism, ostracism, and oppression by white people, making it practically an impossibility for native people to assimilate into American culture in the first place (not to mention, why would you even want to assimilate with the very people that committed genocide upon your ancestors?), leading to generational ostracism and trivialization of their culture, history, and hardships.

Yet you still have these dumb fucking comments that are totally tone deaf to your own country's history and refuse to admit how fucking awful native people have been treated by white people, and how this still continues to this day. Native people have been protesting their portrayal in sports for decades! Putting a stop to the chop and names like Redskins and Indians is literally the LEAST you could do. But somehow the white man comes out as the victim in all of this, proving time and time again, native people have never had a voice and will continue to not have a voice.

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