After this KC, I've realized now more than ever that there's one thing I would really like in the future: a ranked mode without Skills.

Honestly, skills shouldn't be a thing. I could understand it if they were just field stuff, but shit like Beatdown, Right Back at Ya, and Balance(among others) just allow for unhealthy playstyles. Not to say that these playstyles shouldn't be supported, but i would rather fight against REZ on fair grounds, that them having 300 extra atk points for each REBD.

Others like Mind Scan allow you to just play around your oponent backrows and gives you the chance of calculated risks.

Of course, skills would be fine if both players played with equally broken skills, but not every skill works with every deck, and most important of all, not all characters get all skills. Why would i ever play Jaden while Pegasus has Mind Scan? Why would i play AG with anyone ever besides Crowler?

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