After last night's game

Hahahahahaha love the “insult and salty” route when they don’t have answers. The moment I saw you say Shariah Law says that you haven’t read a word about it and you’re basing it off of media. Shariah means ‘Law’ saying Shariah Law is like saying Law Law. In other words it’s like saying Chai Tea - tea tea. And next you’re putting words in my mouth. I never said India is a “hindhu country” or whatever. If you’re mad that I hate your racially infested government then stay mad I could care less. Ah yes the classic muslim country rant. Countries like Saudi are much more advanced in terms of crime than what your country can even come close to. Address me however you want for I don’t care what you call me. No matter the size of the country it doesn’t justify committing horrendous atrocities. You’re assumptions are that I’m accusing your religion. Nope I’m accusing your turd worthy government

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