After learning my Senator (Thom Tillis R-NC) was one of the senators who helped create HR 1212 which will ultimately do away with Net Neutrality, I sent him an email. I got a response today.

Don't do that.

Disagree with his position all you want - and i do - but don't dismiss his opinions as corruption. Just because someone doesn't agree with doesn't make him a schill, or mean he has been bribed. It means he has legitimate concerns.

I don't want Level3 to give priority to Netflix traffic transiting their network (or Comcast to throttle Netflix traffic transiting their network), because Netflix did or didn't pay them money. And i'm terrified that the FCC won't understand the enormous subtleties in that statement. The reason i'm terrified of it is that 95% of the population don't understand it.

Fortunately, the wording of the FCC's press release, which gives the flavor of what they're thinking is encouraging:

  • No Paid Prioritization: broadband providers may not favor some lawful Internet traffic over other lawful traffic in exchange for consideration of any kind—in other words, no “fast lanes.” This rule also bans ISPs from prioritizing content and services of their affiliates. Reasonable Network Management: For the purposes of the rules, other than paid prioritization, an ISP may engage in reasonable network management. This recognizes the need of broadband providers to manage the technical and engineering aspects of their networks.

But just because we all know what they intend, doesn't mean that the final wording will withstand an onslaught of lawyers. It doesn't mean some idiot won't try to nitpick words, and then sue to have the exact opposite enforced.

I would also be afraid that now every ISP, from Level 3 to the Ma and Pop motor inn with in-room Wi-Fi will have to be filling out government paperwork, explaining every time they make a change in their router - in order to explain why their "Network Management policies" are "reasonable".

So don't do that. Don't cry schill, or corporate fat cat quid pro quo money hurr durr.

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