After meeting with Trump, Michigan lawmakers say they see nothing to overturn Biden's win

Let's put it to rest and audit. Lol. Why is a fair election so hard to do?

Because it isn't a "fair election" when one side constantly demands audits based on no evidence simply because they lost. Trump's win in 2016 was WAY narrower in these same states than Biden's is now. Where were the Republicans demanding audits then?

Why do people argue when you ask that signatures on ballots should match their voter registration?

Because it's a grift. The whole notion is ridiculous because "signatures" are not remotely consistent. You can get different signatures from the exact same person based on anything from how much sleep they have had to what they're signing. Hell, most adults have 2 or 3 completely different signatures depending on how formal the document is they are signing. Signatures don't verify shit—they're literally only being pushed because you can find "irregularities" in damn near any signature and so for close elections, people can selectively audit and try to disqualify ones that are more likely to go against their candidate.

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